Chapeau! Club 3 Season Glove - Black


We wanted to make 1 glove that could cover as broad a range of riding conditions as possible. Generally we'd say its suitable for temperatures between 3-15 degrees and light rain. Non bulky but surprisingly warm and with a fold out, lightweight mitt cover that is water-resistant and windproof this glove has been a best seller. It's also touchscreen friendly.


The Chapeau! Club 3 Season Glove combines two gloves into one to tackle as broad a range of riding conditions as possible. We’ve found that it works best down to a chilly 3°C and up to anywhere in the mid-teens.

We started by creating a lightweight, thermal glove that’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking. We made the palms grippy for maximum control in the slippiest conditions and added a deep, comfortable cuff that’ll fit over your sleeves. We made sure it wasn’t bulky to retain great feeling on your bars and keep plenty of dexterity when grabbing a few coins for a coffee. We also made the finger-tips touchscreen-friendly

With all that in place, we added a fold-out cover that’s water-resistant and windproof. When the weather turns truly despicable, the cover whips out for an added level of comfort.

The Chapeau! 3 Seasons Glove is the perfect companion for all but the very best or very worst of weathers.


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Moisture wicking

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