Cube Agree GTC Race 54cm carbon frame, fork and stem frameset

Cube Agree GTC race carbon frameset 2016 black and red 54cm 

Price: £350

Condition: A3 

Complete bike original RRP: £2200

Features Advanced Twin Mold: 

The Advanced Twin Mold process eliminates any dangerous folding by continuous control of carbon fibers during the curing process. This is made possible by an internal form which provides the perfect frame form during the layup process. Each individual fibre remains precisely in position as it cures. In this way less material can be used as the individual layers can be more accurately and reliably positioned. This production method also makes it possible to increase the carbon fibre proportion in line with anticipated loadings at specific points on the frame. All SUPER HPC models from 2014 on are manufactured using this high-tech method. Integrated Cable Routing: Internally routed cables offer many advantages. Cables are protected from dirt for longer life, weight is saved thanks to the absence of external housing and the bike has a clean, sleek appearance. Press Fit BB: With Press Fit bearings, the bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into the frame and not screwed in as usual. This gives a wider bottom bracket shell and allows us to build a wider down tube and more broadly-spaced chainstays. Every millimetre of additional width gives a significant improvement in lateral stiffness. Wet Paint Surface: On polished, brushed aluminium and all HPC frames, the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint. We use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight. Tapered Steerer: This steerer tube design is stiffer than a conventional straight steerer and yields a more secure ride feel even in difficult terrain. Minimal flex at the front of the frame means the greatest possible steering precision. With the larger steerer, the forks become more rigid. At the same time weight is saved due to the absence of bearing shells as the lower bearing is fully integrated into the head tube. On all of our CUBE carbon models the upper bearing shells are also directly in the frame, so that once more a few grams are saved and the energy transfer is very direct. Multi-Purpose Hangar: For the LITENING SUPER HPC and high-end models of the AGREE GTC we use our Multi Purpose Hanger. This makes fitting the internal cable routing easier because there is a bigger opening at the chainstay. It also allows perfect cable routing to be offered for both electronic and mechanical shifting systems. Furthermore it comes with the proven Frame Save System protecting the dropout of the frame.

Fork type CUBE CSL Race Carbon, Tapered

Frame type GTC, Monocoque, Advanced Twin Mold Technology

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