Elite Ozone Endurance Protect Cream

Max protection before and after an effort.

Endurance Protect Cream is a protective cream for sports containing zinc oxide, designed to alleviate skin redness and favor perspiration, against pain and inflammations. It's easy to apply and ideal both before or after a performance.

Applying the Endurance Protect Cream gives a pleasant feeling of freshness thanks to the mentholated active ingredients and the peppermint essential oil.

The calendula oil and alpha-bisabolol have a calming and softening action.

The extract of arnica is a natural coadjuvant in the anti-inflammatory action, mitigating any muscular pain.

Moreover, the ozonized sunflower oil allows for a good oxygenation of the treated areas.

Endurance Protect Cream is ideal for: cyling, athletics, equestrian sports.


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