Elite Ozone Protect Cream Chamois

No more pain or irritations

Protect Cream Chamois is a skin protective cream with soothing, sanitizing and re-balancing effects.

It's very useful and easy to apply.

It's ideal for any sport, but particularly suited for cycling.

Thanks to its active ingredients that help fight pain and irritations in the most delicate and subject to chafing areas of the body, it's recommended both to male and female athletes.

Protect Cream Chamois is structured to protect and hydrate those areas of the skin that are more subject to chafing, sweat or irritations caused by the contact with clothing, shoes or other objects.

Moreover, this creams contains ozonides with anti-bacterial effect that contribute to cutaneous repair and prevent pain and irritations.

Ideal as a preemptive measure, it's also useful after sports activities, to soothe any skin reddening, blistering or soreness.

Protect Cream Chamois is ideal for: cycling, athletics, equestrian sports.


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