Elite Ozone Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion

Cold weather and rain are not a problem with Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion.

This innovative warm up, waterproof emulsion ensures a reinforced warm up effect even when it rains and under extreme weather conditions.

Waterproof and weather resistant, the athlete can enjoy the properties of ozone to the fullest throughout the whole performance.

Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion combines the high performances of ozonized Warm Up oil with a more intense thermal effect, ideal under challenging weather conditions with cold, wind, rain or snow and especially waterproof.

Its active properties allow the athlete to maintain a pleasant warmth feeling in the treated areas, even when there's quick body heat dispersion, for instance during water sports, on a bike under the rain or during winter, in winter sports and generally during all those open-air activities that expose the athlete to challenging weather conditions.

The ozone content ensures that the muscles remain oxygenated and warm for a long time while performing, even underwater, and decreases the risk of lesions caused by cold starts.

Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion is ideal for: cycling, water sports, football, skiing, athletics.


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