Juice Lubes Chain Juice Chain Lube - Wax

Chain Juice Wax Description

Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wax is an advanced wax chain lubricant for use in dry to damp riding conditions - it's not for use in candles, making models of famous people or in the bedroom.

The guys in white coats have come up with a formula that is hard-wearing and very long-lasting even in damp conditions. The chain will stay clean and dry without dust sticking to it so no grinding paste will form.

Usage Directions

To get the best from Chain Juice you must thoroughly degrease your chain and allow it to dry before application. We recommend you use the Juice Lubes own Super Gnarl Degreaser for this along with their Dirty Little Scrubber chain cleaning device.

Once the degreasing is complete give the bottle a good shake and then apply a thin bead to the whole chain. Allow to penetrate and repeat after a few minutes. Leave the chain still as long as you can before riding to avoid the lube being flung off.


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