Miche Reflex RX7 Rim Road Wheels (Pair)

The Reflex RX7 wheels are the prefect entry-level product for the cyclist looking for a safe and reliable product, thanks to the infamous technical and mechanical wisdom that Miche are known to put in their wheels such as the progressive flat spoke profile, which ensures a significant increase in the aerodynamics of the wheels.

Weight: 1985g

Hub Specs

  • Front And Rear Body: AL 6061 T6
  • Axle Material: Steel
  • Bearings: Miche
  • Adjustment System: Cone and Friction Cone front/ Smoothness adjustment ring rear
  • Freewheel Body: AL 7075 T6

Rim Specs

  • Material: Lightweight Alloy
  • Braking Surface: Aluminium CNC
  • Rim Depth: 25mm
  • RIm Width: 20mm

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