Prologo Nago Evo DEA Tirox White/Black


The Prologo Nago Evo Dea Saddle with TiroX Rails is a Women's specific saddle this means it is specially designed to offer support of the sit bones of women. Providing a more comfortable ride with all the technical features.

TiroX Rail
Rail light-alloy steel, this material is highly resistant to traction, and torsion for its light weight it’s for these reasons it is used in used in the aviation and aerospace industry. TiroX then turns out to be a rail with a good balance between weight and strength, that doesn’t fear the normal stress that addresses a bicycle.

Ergo Shape Design is where Prologo have trimmed the saddle at the sides meaning more space for the legs of the cyclist , this translates into a better pedal stroke and the rider staying in the correct position.

Active Density
Multiple padding zones along the saddle. High density at the rear, medium in the middle and low at the front, this gives the maximum level of comfort where it's needed and eliminates pressure during pedal strokes.

Side Protection System
The Smart solution to protect the sides of the saddle. It protects the saddle when the bike is leant against a wall or a tree, avoiding scratches on the cover.


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