RWD R050 Organic Disc Brake Pads - Shimano Flat Mount

RWD product design & development unfolds in the Yorkshire Dales in Northern England. They spend countless hours perfecting their products on the very trails and roads that you will be using them. Testing takes place all over the world by real testers, using real bikes in real weather.

Their approach to product development gives them the peace of mind that they produce the finest products available so you can be confident that you cannot find better.

Disc Brake Pad Friction Material Formulations

RWD have spent a great deal of time developing the materials used in our disc brake pad range.

They select only the most suitable materials that deliver the consistency, power, and performance that is not only expected but demanded.


  • Shimano Flat Mount - including BR-R7070, BR-R8070, BR-R9070 and BR-RX810

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