Shimano SM-BB80 Saint Threaded Bottom Bracket



Featuring a durable gold anodised finish, this bottom bracket offers increased protection against wear and corrosion. This makes it suitable for all-weather and terrain conditions, while it delivers a smooth rotative performance. It includes left and right-hand cups, spacers, an inner cover, and inner O-rings.

Manufacturer's Part Numbers:

68/73mm Option: BB80B
83mm Option: BB80D


Top Features:

  • Type: External BSA (English) thread
  • Length of screw thread is increased to enable the fitment of chain devices
  • Set includes left and right hand cups, spacers, inner cover, and inner O-rings
  • Light weight seal structure helps to remove vital grams
  • Sealed cups keep out dirt and water
  • Maintenance-free
  • Durable gold anodised finish
  • Easy installation
  • Weight: 68/73mm Option: 95g; 83mm Option: 96g

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