Shimano Spares SM-CB90 Brake Cable Adjuster


Shimano SM-CB90 Inline QR Brake Cable Adjuster

An ideal addition to both modern and classic road bikes, the SM-CB90 Inline Quick Release (QR) Brake Cable Adjuster quickly enables you to accurately tweak your brake's tension and this part's release system allows faster wheel removals. Sold individually, this component is very easy to install and perfect for use along with calipers that don’t have an integrated quick release system.


  • High-grade barrel adjuster can be installed inline on SLR or M-System brake cable to allow fine adjustment of brakes
  • Uses quick release (QR) function for easy opening of road brake calipers
  • Sold individually
  • Genuine Shimano replacement part
  • Series: Ultegra 6800
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: SM-CB90
  • Made in Japan

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