Stage 3 Bike Service

All bikes that are booked into our workshop receive a Proper Bike Shop 51 Point bike check - free of charge!   This determines exactly what state your bike is in, what needs work, and if there are any parts that need replacing.

Stage 3 Service includes:

  1. 72 Point Health Check.
  2. Inflate tyres to recommended pressure.
  3. Lubricate seatpost and ensure correct torque.
  4. Lubricate transmission.
  5. Install chain, chainrings and cassette if required.
  6. Straighten and align rear derailleur hanger.
  7. Index  front and rear derailleur.
  8. Install gear cables if required.
  9. Ensure wheels are centered and attached correctly.
  10. True wheels front and rear.
  11. Centre brakes ensure wheels run freely.
  12. Set up brakes correctly.
  13. Install brake cables if required.
  14. Eliminate play in headset.
  15. Straighten bars, torque up contact points correctly.
  16. Strip headset, clean and overhaul.
  17. Eliminate play in bottom bracket
  18. Bottom Bracket service or installation.
  19. Eliminate play in hubs front and rear.
  20. Strip both hubs, clean and overhaul, install bearings if required.
  21. install any parts (parts not included).
  22. Replace any damaged spokes or nipples.
  23. Full drivetrain clean.
  24. Bike wash and wax.
  25. di2 firmware update.
  26. e-bike firmware update.



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