Tifosi Alliant Interchangeable

Neon Yellow
Black/ Red
Blue/ Gunmetal



Tifosi Eyewear’s Alliant Black/Red Interchangeable 2018 performance glasses come with a large single lens made of polycarbonate which offers a large, uninterrupted surface area of stretched peripheral vision offering protection from impacts and abrasions. The lens comes with Glare Guard technology which protects against 100% of harmful UV light radiation and reflected glare. The optically decentred lens has also provides a restful visual experience that is comfortable for long-term use. The lens also comes with vents throughout its design to keep the lens ventilated to ensure that it doesn’t fog up when you’re at your most active and conditions become hot and humid. For a more specific coverage the lens can easily be interchanged with other lenses with a quick and easy system.


The stripped back frame is constructed from Grilamid TR-90 which is a super lightweight and flexible material that provides long-lasting comfort whilst also being incredibly rugged. The frame comes with adjustable ear and nose pieces which allow you to find the perfect fit for your specific face shape. When temple tips and nose pads are coated in a specialised hydrophilic rubber material which helps to stabilise the glasses to keep them in position when you’re at your most active.

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