XLC Comp Bar Ends BE-A08

These super grippy XLC Comp Bar-Ends BE-A08 allow you to get much better control on your handlebars, as well as offering you an alternative way to hold and steer your bicycle and relieve pressure on your wrists. The outer grip overlays of the BE-A08 bar ends are made of Kraton, delivering a super-secure connection between your hand and the bar-end. They affix to the handlebar with an exterior clamp and they measure 125mm in length. The diameter of the handlebar must be 22mm for these bar ends to fit on and secure snugly. The bar ends are intended for use with flat bar handlebars, and will not work optimally if attached to drop bars.


Field Of Application: City/trekking, Mtb
Material: Aluminium (Aluminium , Kraton Covered)
Handlebar Diameter: 22
Keywords: Bar Ends Lenkerhörner
Gewicht: 142


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